Everyone we’ve worked with has something in common… they are all sitting on at least one tricky conversation that they’re putting off having.

So what might we be missing out on by avoiding these conversations?

What are the outcomes of Real Conversations?

LEARNING: You find out WHY something is happening to tackle the root cause.

WELLBEING: Small issues don't snowball into big problems that people worry about.

TRUST: Increased psychological safety as issues are raised in the open.

GROWTH: People get constructive feedback about the impact of their behaviour.

PRODUCTIVITY: You solve issues quicker when you ask open questions and listen.

RETENTION: People say what's on their mind and don't leave without you knowing why.

CONNECTION: The team works well together, regardless of location.

ENGAGEMENT: Your team are empowered and buzzing, no 'quiet quitting' here!

What is a Real Conversation?

Who we run events for


We want to be honest and let you know that you will have to grow more than your team...


What difference would it make to you if your team started to resolve their own issues?

Let's Have a Conversation!

How we deliver


1:1 sessions to identify and make changes to your personal style and behaviours.

Group Workshops

Interactive group conversations with pre-work, breakouts, self-reflection and action-taking.


COMING SOON! Contact us to find out more about our Real Leadership open programme.

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