About us

Our Core Values


We love what we do


We keep it real and we say it how it is


We’re all about relationships and having great conversations


Our topics are serious but we can still enjoy learning together


We understand you and your business and adapt our offering to suit you

“Real Conversations comes from my belief that leaders are often comfortable to give praise but struggle to have Real Conversations.

I will make a bold claim that I’ve never met a leader who isn’t sitting on at least one real conversation.

A Real Conversation is open, honest, constructive and actually is potentially going to take them out of their comfort zone.”

We all bring something different to the team AND we practice what we teach

Managing Director

Strengths: Infectious enthusiasm, finding creative solutions, spins a lot of plates, get s**t done, an optimist who sees the funny side of everything, loves to inspire and boost others' self-esteem

Worst nightmare: Leaving her alone for too long (she will get up to mischief!)

Operations Executive

Strengths: The friendly first point of contact for clients, Chief Cheerleader, the glue that holds the team together, keeping an eye on the mischief-maker and always staying true to her word.

Worst nightmare: Giving her a blank sheet of paper.

Sarah's Story – why she set up Real Conversations Work

“There was someone in my team who had become the toxic person that people complained about and didn’t want to work with.

I was totally fed up with the situation and had tried every technique I could find, with no success…”

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